In the past few years since the launch of the Magento E-commerce platform, Varian, the developers of the solution has revolutionized the world of e-commerce. Magento is an incredible step forward for businesses everywhere; allowing them access to an extremely powerful system with thousands of extensions and a feature set that traditionally would cost a fortune. Magento ecommerce Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth. Magento provides feature-rich ecommerce platform that offer merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Magento is an open-source organizational-level CMS with high degree of flexibility, scalability, and robustness. Sinceritysolutions provides various theming services in Magento to our clients. Our theming services include creating new themes, customizing, modifying and updating the existing themes etc.


Virtue mart is an acclaimed open source E-commerce solution to be used together with a content management system (CMS) called joomla. Joomla and virtuemart are written in PHP and can be used in typical PHP/MySQL environments. Virtue Mart is an open source ecommerce platform that was designed as an extension of the Mambo or Joomla! content management systems (CMS). VirtueMart was formerly known as mambo-phpShop, an ecommerce web application. It was the first substantial stand-alone native ecommerce component for the Mambo CMS. After Mambo (essentially) became Joomla!, phpShop became VirtueMart. VirtueMart is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database environment for storage.
With our concentrated efforts, you stand to gain tremendously. Sinceritysolutions delivers you the best results in industry in joomla. We have the professional people to work for you.

OS Commerce

Sincerity Solutions delivers the proficient OS commerce E-commerce services. OsCommerce is basically full-featured, open source shopping cart application. It allows the owners of the stores to uphold their online stores with least efforts and free of cost. OsCommerce provides great functionality due to its compatible nature. It provides very easy to use customer, front hand functionality and Product Functionality.
Are you taking your business online? Whether you’re starting up a brand new business on the internet or looking to bring your existing products and services to a wider web audience, osCommerce is the ecommerce platform you need to help your new site hit the ground running. Open Cart is easier to handle and faster to set up. It is all in all more understandable and compared to magento does not need a similar level of initial training. The community is great and support is never a problem. Especially the admin dashboard guarantees for an almost intuitive access to any feature needed.

Custom Development

E-commerce enhances the trade of product and service, in an effective and profitable style. Enabling clients with successful, multi-functioning web environments, our online solutions team, encourage the revolutionary transfer of traffic, from storefront to online domain. We have successfully delivered custom ecommerce websites and web development solutions for small to medium size companies.

Sincerity Solutions puts importance and value towards building consumer confidence. Shoppers making the transition to purchase online will require informative and visual reassurance, conveyed only within the most professional, customer-focused sites. We are expertise and growing proven success to form and shape a site that will thrive with every ingredient. We have the vision, talent, direction and strategy to boost your business with Ecommerce solutions.

Ecommerce stores are a great way to boost your online sales and improve your website shopping experience. If you have an offline business already or intending to start one from scratch, it’s never too late to opt for ecommerce solutions and open an complete online store.


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