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We are a group of young , energetic and experienced professionals having expertise in Web, ERP & Mobile Application development, online marketing, content development, animation and designing.


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E-Learning solutions

E-Learning solutions

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Corporate Branding

corporate branding

Website Development

Website Development

Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications


At Sincerity Solutions we recruit and retain the best of talent who are adept in understanding not only our clients’ project objectives and needs but also transforming those needs into a successful business application. All our programmers are computer graduates from premier universities. Our hiring process is as designed as such that each candidate is carefully evaluated on all the parameters that are required in an all rounder developer. After all good employees are the intangible benefits of any organization and so are ours. .

Our designers aim to move beyond what you get from simply asking consumers what they need and want. First of all because they understand that most people when asked don’t say what they mean or mean what they say, but also because people often don’t know. Our designers want to unearth what consumers can’t tell them: latent & emerging needs and motivations; actual behaviors and attitudes; and, crucially, barriers to as well as drivers of change — or simply put, what your competitors don’t also already know.

With multiple departments to juggle, our managers are the essential cogs in our ever-turning wheels. We have the flexibility to research, explore and grow our departments; and all of you reap the benefits of a knowledgeable staff. If there is something you think we simply must have, we’ll try our best to get it for you!

Hustlers/business managers/marketers


We are enthusiastic – as serious about play as about work – with diverse interests


We believe ‘Simple is smart’. All work we do is committed to the cause of simplicity and distinct creativity.


Each and every one of us strives to become a critical thinker, over-achiever, with growing collection of capabilities


Our approach to work is embedded in our Company name. Utmost dedication to our work and the service we render


The amount of time spent in the office, six days a week.


We are fun loving people, we make the most of our breaks, join us


Number of coffees consumed per hour on any given day.


There are 6 different languages spoken in our office.


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In our office, opportunities abound with smart and nice people tackling high-impact
projects and having fun doing it. If you can help make major impact on your clients,
your colleagues and your career, we’d love to hear from you

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Head Office :
Sincerity Solutions,
First floor, A-2, KHB Colony, 5th Block,
Koramangala, Bangalore – 560095, Karnataka, India.
Branches: New Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram.

General Inquiries: contact@sincerity.in
New Business: info@sincerity.in
Careers: career@sincerity.in

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