Car Front Seat Covers PU Leather X5 2019-2021 for BMW Non-SlipW Quality inspection $83 Car Front Seat Covers PU Leather for BMW X5 2019-2021 Non-SlipW Automotive Interior Accessories /expatriation4436914.html,Automotive , Interior Accessories,2019-2021,BMW,Leather,$83,Seat,Car,Front,X5,for,PU,Non-SlipW,,Covers Car Front Seat Covers PU Leather X5 2019-2021 for BMW Non-SlipW Quality inspection /expatriation4436914.html,Automotive , Interior Accessories,2019-2021,BMW,Leather,$83,Seat,Car,Front,X5,for,PU,Non-SlipW,,Covers $83 Car Front Seat Covers PU Leather for BMW X5 2019-2021 Non-SlipW Automotive Interior Accessories

Car Front Seat Covers Free shipping / New PU Leather X5 2019-2021 for BMW Non-SlipW Quality inspection

Car Front Seat Covers PU Leather for BMW X5 2019-2021 Non-SlipW


Car Front Seat Covers PU Leather for BMW X5 2019-2021 Non-SlipW

Product description

Optional Color: Black, Beige, Black Coffee, Black Red
Suitable car models: for BMW X5 2019-2021
Material: Leather

1. Various styles-You can choose from a variety of gorgeous appearances, all of which are brilliant.
2. Full enclosure design-Effectively protect the original car seat. The base is fully covered, the head hat is fully covered, the back is fully covered, and the side is fully covered, so that it is truly fully enclosed and exclusive customized seat covers.
3. Reserved seat belt sockets and child seat sockets-Retain the original car's functions, and are precise, both beautiful and can ensure the original car's functions.
4. Back pocket design-Increase storage space, humanized design.
5. Invisible zipper design-Convenient installation and disassembly.
6. The head hat can be split design-Customized version, all-inclusive design, does not affect the full-inclusive head hat function.
7. Easy to install-We provide video and paper instructions.

The different resolutions of different monitors or the different brightness and darkness between indoor and outdoor will result in different color understanding, and there may be a slight color difference between the picture and the actual object.

Package Contains:
2 * Front Seat Cover

Car Front Seat Covers PU Leather for BMW X5 2019-2021 Non-SlipW

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