Men,Beginner,Out,/coenoecic4174567.html,and,Skates,Adult,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,CHY,Women,,Roller,Skates,Inline,$160 CHY Inline Skates Adult Beginner Roller and Regular store Out Men Women $160 CHY Inline Skates Adult Beginner Men and Women Roller Skates Out Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $160 CHY Inline Skates Adult Beginner Men and Women Roller Skates Out Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation CHY Inline Skates Adult Beginner Roller and Regular store Out Men Women Men,Beginner,Out,/coenoecic4174567.html,and,Skates,Adult,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,CHY,Women,,Roller,Skates,Inline,$160

CHY Inline Free shipping on posting reviews Skates Adult Beginner Roller and Regular store Out Men Women

CHY Inline Skates Adult Beginner Men and Women Roller Skates Out


CHY Inline Skates Adult Beginner Men and Women Roller Skates Out

Product description

▶ This activity will help your child to build strong bones, joints and muscles. Children who exercise regularly sleep better and have a stronger immune system. Children's physical exercise is far less than before, they rarely spend time on outdoor games, and spend more time in front of the screen. As an important function, the light wheel will provide more fun for children and let them continue to exercise.

▶ Specifications;
Liner: thickened memory foam, more suitable for feet
Shoe shell: high strength PP material
Wheel: solid rubber wheel
Bearing: ABEC silent bearing
Wheel hardness: 85A
Closed system: laces, buckles and Velcro straps

▶ Reminder:
Before skating, please check all screws, screws, nuts, and whether they are tight. Be sure to wear appropriate protective equipment, master basic skating skills before practicing on the street, and regularly replace brakes and ball bearings to ensure safety.

▶ Note:
1. We strongly recommend that you choose the size according to your child ’s foot length, which may vary by brand.
2. Due to the differences between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the project.
3. If you are not satisfied with the product or have any transportation problems, please contact us in time!

CHY Inline Skates Adult Beginner Men and Women Roller Skates Out

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