$28 xigua Pet Teepee DogCat Bed with Soft Cushion, Tropical Leaves Pet Supplies Dogs $28 xigua Pet Teepee DogCat Bed with Soft Cushion, Tropical Leaves Pet Supplies Dogs Cushion,,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Teepee,DogCat,$28,Tropical,Pet,xigua,Bed,sincerity.in,with,Leaves,/arizonite4040103.html,Soft xigua 2021 spring and summer new Pet Teepee DogCat Bed Soft Tropical Leaves with Cushion xigua 2021 spring and summer new Pet Teepee DogCat Bed Soft Tropical Leaves with Cushion Cushion,,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Teepee,DogCat,$28,Tropical,Pet,xigua,Bed,sincerity.in,with,Leaves,/arizonite4040103.html,Soft

xigua 2021 spring and summer new Pet Teepee DogCat Bed New arrival Soft Tropical Leaves with Cushion

xigua Pet Teepee DogCat Bed with Soft Cushion, Tropical Leaves


xigua Pet Teepee DogCat Bed with Soft Cushion, Tropical Leaves

Product description

Material: 210D Oxford cloth + 300D PE coated waterproof fabric + coral fleece
Size: 19.7 inches side length , 31.5 inches wide, 32.7 inches deep
Feature: Bottom waterproof / Convenient to carry out and travel.
*Avoid sun exposure, do not bleach, do not heat drying, do not iron, do not dry cleaning, hanging dry, do not wring hard.
*Your comments and suggestion are most welcome.

xigua Pet Teepee DogCat Bed with Soft Cushion, Tropical Leaves


Enabling sustainability through market intelligence

YnFx has been empowering textile companies globally for over 20 years by delivering reliable textile market intelligence services. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to re-imagine the textile industry that is currently driven by ‘unsustainable’ developments affecting the planet and the life on it. And as a response to this, YnFx dedicated its journey and mission to enable sustainability in textiles through knowledge.

We help you make significant headway on your sustainable journey

Market Intelligence | Textile news & Insights | Events | Marketplace

The reality

From wastage of resources to unfair labour practices, the unsustainable ways of production and consumption in the textile industry are threatening the future of our planet and the life on it. And as a response to these problems, we pledge to foster sustainability in this industry. Join us to start your journey.

20,000 litres

is the amount of water consumed to produce one kilogram of cotton; equivalent to the amount a person drinks in 15 years.

1.2 billion tons

is the amount of total greenhouse gases that are emitted globally due to textiles production every year​.


of all the chemicals in the world are consumed by the textile industry.


of textile waste that ends up on landfills every year could actually be recycled

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YnFx is one of the world’s premier and most trusted textile platforms since 1998 that empowers companies in global textile markets to gain a competitive edge by delivering authentic and timely textile market information.

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Make timely business decisions with our textile market reports


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Stay abreast of the latest in the textiles and sustainable fashion industry



Discover international conferences, exhibitions, webinars, and online events



Connect with international buyers and sellers for all textile segments


Market Intelligence

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Trusted market intelligence since 1998

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We are very pleased with the diversity and flexibility of YNFX data. We can rely on figures that truly shows us what is going on.
Josien Feenstra
Information Specialist, MODINT
...the weekly report provided by YNFX is indeed useful to us in our assessment of the price levels of the various raw materials that we are concerned with. A positive force in all industries.
Arun Samuel
ED Commercial, Helar Marketing
We consider YnFx a reliable source of information and use data from their recourse in our commercial activities which is crucial to our business.
S.I. Kovalchuk
Head of Commercial Department, JSC Grodno Azot PTC Khimvolokno"
The report we purchase helps give us visibility in the market place. It enables us to make decisions on our purchases for the future and challenge suppliers.
Colette Parry Gannon
Group Purchasing Director, James Dewhurst Ltd

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